Two Million Americans Fall Victim to Workplace Violence Each Year

by | Apr 18, 2023 | Helpful Tips

As more and more businesses reopen and employees return to work, it is important to address the issue of workplace violence. According to the National Safety Council, approximately 2 million American workers are victims of workplace violence each year. Just two weeks ago we witnessed a man walk into a bank in Louisville & kill five innocent co-workers. If past is prologue, we’ll become aware of another significant workplace incident within just weeks or months.

Workplace violence can take many forms, from verbal abuse to physical assault, and it can have serious consequences for both employees and employers. One important way to prevent workplace violence is to conduct thorough background checks on all employees.

Background checks can help employers identify potential risks before they become actual problems. By conducting a comprehensive background check, an employer can uncover any history of violence or criminal behavior that may indicate a potential threat to coworkers. This can include checking criminal records, verifying employment history, and conducting interviews with previous employers or references.

While background checks may seem like an unnecessary expense or a burden on job applicants, they are an essential part of maintaining a safe and productive workplace. Employers have a duty to provide a safe work environment for their employees, and that includes minimizing the risk of workplace violence. By conducting background checks, employers can help ensure that they are hiring individuals who are less likely to engage in violent behavior.

However, it is important to note that background checks should not be used as a substitute for other workplace safety measures. Employers should also provide training on conflict resolution, establish clear policies on workplace violence, and encourage employees to report any incidents or concerns.

In addition to preventing workplace violence, background checks can also help employers make informed hiring decisions. By verifying employment history and checking references, employers can ensure that they are hiring qualified and trustworthy individuals. This can help reduce turnover and improve overall workplace productivity.

In conclusion, workplace violence is a serious issue that employers must take steps to prevent. Thorough background checks are an important tool in identifying potential risks and ensuring a safe work environment. By conducting background checks, employers can help protect their employees and their business from the negative consequences of workplace violence.